Who am I?

A question that we ask of not only ourselves, but of others too. Of the simplest questions that have very deep and complex answers, this is the most personal. Our belief systems, knowledge, experiences — everything about us comes together to attempt to formulate an answer to this question. So where should one start when attempting to convey the very essence of their being to the general public?

Usually one starts by chronologically highlighting the major events of his life that he finds to be important to who he is today and who he wants to be in the future. Other times he may attempt his answer with a mirage of interests and desires in his life. Though the best course of action to attempt an answer may be relaying his present situation. For by explaining his present he also implies at least something about his past and future. This leaves the reader longing for an answer to how his present has come about from past events and what the future holds beyond the writer’s present situation. Thus, this is how I will attempt to convey my essence.

I am…

My name is James Michael Spegal. I am the son of (James) Kevin Spegal and Kathy Ann Spegal, brother of Renee Katherine Spegal, and uncle to Rylan Elizabeth Shoaf and Zane Tyler Shoaf. I am a junior at Gordon College in Wenham, MA majoring in Biblical Studies and Philosophy. I work part-time for the school as a student worker for CTS Media Services. I am reading The Sabbath by A.J. Heschel for fun. I live in an intentional community called Respond, where we live in a house together and do service projects. I just finished co-leading a mission trip to New York City this over spring break.

That’s it! That is who I am right now. A simple answer to a simple question. By continuing to read you will slowly learn the more complex answer that this question deserves. You will also embark on a journey that leads to more questions than answers, but the joy of philosophy is doing it for the sake of the question and not the answer. Yet answers are inevitable, whether they are right or wrong. So come with me and lets talk about life and all it has in store for us.


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