I Was a Stranger and You Invited Me In

Since being at Gordon I have participated in ministry in a couple different leadership capacities, as well as participating in other groups. I have worked with the Discipleship branch of the chapel office my freshman year where I led a Spiritual Life Group, which is basically a small group here on campus. My sophomore year, I worked as a Resident Advisor in Evans Hall. This year I’ve been living in an intentional community called Respond, where we do service projects together every month. We have had the opportunity to work alongside people with special needs and serve the homeless in Salem, MA.



This semester, I have the great privilege of co-leading one of Gordon’s spring mission trips. We are partnering with New York City Relief based out of Elizabeth, NJ. Our time there will be spent helping the homeless and ‘the least of these’ in New York City by preparing and serving food from one of their buses converted into a mobile soup kitchen. The ‘Relief Bus’, as it is colloquially known, and its full time staff also provide socks, hygiene kits, prayer, and support to those they serve. The staff provides support by helping people find shelter, jobs, training, and various other tasks. If you are interested in more details about New York City Relief you can watch the video below.

Our team consists of nine people in total. My co-leader, Melissa, is also a junior who is from New York majoring in elementary education and linguistics. She participated in this trip last year and loved it so much that she has come back to co-lead the trip. Our team consists of upperclassmen in a variety of majors. They are Emily H.(Em), Emily B.(English), Jane I., Sarah M., Nate M., and Jenna C. We also have a Gordon College staff advisor, Glenn C. who works full-time managing catering with our dining services department. We have some seasoned veterans of the mission field and some first timers as well. I am so excited and very proud to be working with this group of men and women.

Team New York '17

I have had a desire to work with the homeless community since I was a teenager. In fact one of the ministries that I wish to incorporate into my long term ministry is running a food truck that serves the homeless. The opportunity to work with an organization that does this ministry already will be a great learning experience to help me reach my goals. I’m excited to see how their system works and get ideas to incorporate into my future ministry. I expect leading this trip to NYC will be a great learning experience and help prepare me for my future ministry in the church.


Each participant needs to raise support to be able to go out and serve the people of NYC. If you feel led to partner with me or any one of us please contact me at michael.spegal@gmail.com or go to our Razoo page to donate. I will continue to work with Gordon College Student Ministries during my time here and I would love to talk to you about long term partnership. In the meantime please pray for us as we prepare to serve the kingdom of God.


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