I’m too tired to keep writing

So this is my first blog post on this site and I am too tired to keep writing. Yet alone do I have the time. I’ve spent nearly three hours getting this site up and running and tweaking different things. So now I think I need to get back to doing some studying and homework. Though I sit here in the library looking out the window and all I want to do is go outside and throw a frisbee around. I can’t really think of anything interesting to say here and I can’t imagine that many people will be reading this post. Ever!

So I see this post as an obligatory item that I must do for the sake of doing. So here it is. The necessary post that no one will read. The thing that must be said for the sake of saying something and nothing else. How many more ways can I say this and continue watching people get ready to play some ultimate frisbee? I must digress and get back to work that actually matters for now. I need to pass my classes after all.

If you have read through this whole post then I must ask you why? So leave a comment on why in the world you would continue to read this nonsense and then subscribe to my blog to get updates on when I post something that actually has content worth reading. You could also check out my about me page to get a little more info about this weird blog author.


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